Friday, 4 May 2018

Five Parsecs: 10mm Sculpting Update

This week I finally got myself together enough to start making a simple 2 part mold of one of my 10mm models. 

What follows is a photodump of all the steps that I went through to make the mold. Sure non of it will be surprising.

I used the tea light holder to give the mold shape and that really helped. Also made three depressions to help locate the halves.

I removed the first half of the mold, then filled the tea light holder and heated again in boiling water.

When nice and hot I simply pressed the second half onto the first onto a table.

Removed the tea light surround to expose the whole mold.

REmoved the original model, intact.

Checked it all fitted together well.

Made a very small bit of GS.

Added to the mold and pressed together. It pulled apart and I cleaned it up, pressed again and then revealed the miniature.

I left this on the side for 2 hours and then removed it easily.

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