Saturday, 22 December 2018

Painting: Xmas/New Year Challenge

This set of old miniatures are going to be a core set of models I'm putting together for my son for him to play D&D with. There are many old models here but Tom really doesn't care too much about that. He very rarely plays with miniatures, in fact only when he's at my house!
But I know his friends like it, so I'm putting these together as a treat so that they have a few character models and a few monster types that can really represent any creature they fancy.

Character and larger creatures.

For general enemies Tom will never use creature specific models, he normally plays with coffee lids to represent PC's, so I have gathered 5 types 3 of each. Beastmen, dark elves, chaos warriors, orcs and goblins.

Need to change the goblin bases.

Now to get them painted :-)

I've also made him a simple 12" board to play on when the group are in combat. 
If in the future he decides he would like some more then there are always birthdays :-)

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