Friday, 1 February 2019

D&D: Developing Specific Locations

With a load of D&D games coming up in next few months I have been trying to see how I can combine my playing board, the wall sections I made and the boards I made years ago for Warhammer Quest to create special locations for encounters.

The intention is to have a picture of those specific encounter terrain set ups so I can reproduce them quickly during a game. Nothing worse than trying to work what I might need, spoils the flow of the game.

Little bit of a niggle is that the original tiles are not 1" squares unfortunately, I'm gonna play on them and see if anyone mentions it :-)

Slight variation, no Quest board.

I have some one foot square boards that I may use to create the scene on and just have to hand, perhaps some Blu Tac to hold in place the smaller pieces. I won't be using more than a couple of specific locations in an evenings play. Others I can improvise easily enough from the box of bits I have.

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