Thursday, 7 February 2019

D&D: Initiative Markers

To start of with a couple of shots from my first game DMing this bunch of noodles in our West Marches Campaign, these are 5 of the 24 strong Outsider group working out of Luskan.

Here they were playing in the Icewind Dale, my area of responsibility. It was great fun, laughed all night long.

Anyway this post is mainly about the new Initiative cards I made for everyone to play with.

One for each of the basic classes in the original book.

The characters you saw above. On front just their name and pretty picture, laminated.

On the back their Ac and HP to help me see how they were doing at a glance- I also have a record sheet as well.

The dry wipe pen comes off dead easy. 

I also have one marker for NPC's in combat but I try very hard to avoid NPC's fighting.

More importantly are markers for the enemy the PC's may face.

So far they have worked really well with both my grps and I think it shows the players visually exactly when they are up next. 


  1. Awesome. Seem like a great bunch!

    1. They are, some of them I have known for 25 years now, wouldn't be without them :-)

  2. Was an awesome session Darryl. Really atmospheric. Cheers