Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Four Against Darkness: Tile Designs

I am away on holiday in France at the moment and have brought 4 V darkness with me, as it's an excellent holiday game. Easy to pack and play, but loads of fun to play. Andrea Sfiligoi, really produced a smashing set of rules which I can't recommend enough.
Anyway I have long wanted to play it with a handful of 10mm miniatures and some home made tiles. Well here are my initial scribblings/ideas.
Some I won't be using but I think I know where to go from here.
The "preferred design" reference refers to the second page.

These are all pencil drawings so very faint, sorry. The basic dungeon tiles are going to be the first set I'll make, but I may have a go at some others in the future.

My first set of sketches.

Caverns and castles.

I have drawn some to play in a cityscape too, but they were so faint were impossible to see.
Next time I will have some inked versions hopefully.


  1. They are clear enough to see that you did a great job. Very nice maps!

    1. Cheers Skully, I had some better photos that I took at the time in France but my phone has crashed and burned, so scans had to do.

  2. You're very skilled at drawing maps, these look great.

    1. Thanks Wouter, nice of you to say. will be working on the final ones soon :-)