Thursday, 27 June 2019

Saga Age of Magic: Lords of the Wild Levy

Here are the Wild Levy with javelins I put together, all 12 of them.

Also some newly based trees that I made absolutely ages ago and finally got round to finishing!

The Levy are made from some very old 90's elf heads from the very first plastic boxed set that GW created mixed with some later 2000 wood elf heads. They were mounted on some metal Ungor bodies from GW as well. 

The standard is made from a boss that came with the original Mordheim boxed game I think. It was lurking in my bits box for several years.

You can tell all the shields were hand painted from this close up, they might need further work looking at them.

The bases I made by sticking the original 20 mm square bases onto some mounting card and filling the edges with PVAcrete, then I painted and added tufts from Geek Gaming's range of tufts, don't remember exactly which they are, look like spring to me.

The starker green looking trees in the back ground need their bases finishing and extra flock adding. These I got from Ebay, £15 for 15 trees and with some love they will supply all the background trees I will ever need. Will do a post on them later.

Still trying to arrange a game with Mick but at the moment we keep missing each other.


  1. They look great! The shields look good - the sort of design you'd expect from rough wood dwellers. There are some great woodland-type minis in Conquest Games' Albion range if you need to expand the warband.
    Word to the wise about those ebay trees - they shed like buggery so give them a good going over with hairspray (I kid you not) for a firm hold that stops them moulting.

    1. Cheers for advice JP, intend adding more flock and a huge amount of watered down PVA to make them stick. Take it you have some of them yourself, they look OK don't they although I have added Das+PVA to the trunk to add texture and heft. Will give Conquest a look, thanks for heads up :-)

  2. Great looking stuff. Can't wait to see them in action

    1. Looking forward to a game myself, but away to Wales for a week on Monday, so gonna be a while. Cheers Riot :-)

  3. Marvelous looking force!
    The kitbashed models are genius, they're like a force of fauns but without the horns.
    I also like the handpainted shields as they are, it gives them a bit more of a savage feel, I wouldn't change too much on them.

  4. Cheers Wouter, Fauns was what I was going for roughly and I can't see myself painting the shields again, glad you like them :-)