Friday, 31 January 2020

Yulmanda's Woodland Shrine

As the title states this is the woodland shrine of Yulmanda the Wood Elf Druid run by my partner for the last 2 years.

It has become a much visited location and has been the scene of many a drama.

Yulmanda is very much a believer in the force of nature as force for good, she is reluctant to align herself to any particular God.

I have also re-modeled the portrait on the the front of the shrine, will post separately.

It is a workshop, temporary home, meeting place and even has a portal link into the Feywild, where a friend of her's, the Eladrin Mia, lives.

Rough sleeping area.

Workshop/kitchen area.

Since photographing this map, I've actually removed the main shrine area from the base it was on with the archway, and made them into two separate pieces. Its now much easier to store and looks better. 

The pond is the portal to the Feywild.

Interior pictures of the workshop area of the shrine.

I love creating "maps", I use the term loosely, which then feeds into character and plot development. I think my players like that as it draws them back to familiar settings, although I would never set this lot out if there wasn't a very specific encounter about to occur, But having these pictures as a resource it does give Yulmanda especially a vivid picture of her shrine, whilst role playing. So I have a couple of pictures printed up for my planning file.  

Lastly a few over head shots.


  1. I like it, it's got a bit of a forbidden, eerie feel to it. The bandits occupying it have probably vanished without a trace.

    1. There, what you did, creating a backstory is why I like building these things, its compulsive, excellent stuff Wouter.

    2. That's what RPGs are about isn't it :)? For me personally it's more important than a rules system.