Thursday, 18 August 2016

Frostgrave: The Mausoleum

This is the second game that Mrs Daxio and myself played in what is becoming a campaign and it was while we were away in Cornwall on holiday. So the board is a piece of lino which is vaguely suitable with a box of small terrain

The setting with the mausoleum in the centre, originally I put 4 treasure tokens as per the scenario, but then realised we are playing with smaller warbands so removed 2.

Serefina's warband. No thug as she was recovering from her wounds from last game.

The backside of Mal's warband. I have swopped the thief for an infantryman to give my combats some oomph.

Skeleton placement, played by zombies.

The mausoleum, before 2 treasure tokens were removed.

Overview of deployment and whole setting. We were playing on a 3' by 2' mat.

Treasures placed by Mal and Serefina.

Mal's thug rushes forward to grab some loot, and gets shot on his way. 

Serefina's thief grabs some treasure.

Serefina closes in on the wounded thug in an attempt to stop the infantryman from getting the treasure.


The thug manages to hold up Serefina for another turn. But when she had support from the hound, +2 to combat makes quite a difference.

While the infantryman makes his escape, bit of a waste really especially since Mal had also cast Combat Awareness on him, +5 to hit in combat!

With the thug killed Serefina moves toward Mal, only the archer in her way!

Serefina's thief moves towards the board edge with his loot.

Back in the centre of the game Serefina's crossbowman shoots and kills Mal's archer, nasty.

Now there is very little to protect poor Mal from direct attack.

Another skeleton emerged from the mausoleum, but was taken out by the crossbowman.

With no one to help Mal searched about for a solution.

Serefina's thief leaves the table.

Mal Teleports himself over to the far left of the board, partly to get away from Serefina's warband but mainly to gain the last free piece of treasure.

Overview shots.

While Mal had the loot in view, Serefina realised she could still possibly reach her hated opponent.

The infantryman still loiters at the boards edge.

Serefina's warband at full force, to be reconned with.

Mal grabs the last loot counter, not far to get off the table.

Yet another skeleton attacks the poor crossbowman, but is defeated easily.

Serefina and her hound move across towards Mal.

But he managed to win initiative and move off the table bringing the game to an end.

Luckily Mal's archer and thug managed to survive the post game dice throws. 

Post Game Campaign Sequence

 Serefina's recieved 150 exp and 160gc for getting two treasures of the board which turned out to be a staff of power which she sold for 100gc. However she only managed to cast 1 spell the entire game, so not so much experience. Her warband did put out of action two of Mal's warband yet again, very aggressive play from Mrs Daxio :-)

Mal's warband did OK this time, they managed 2 treasures and didn't lose any warband memebers, Mal gained 190 exp (he managed to cast 5 spells) and 375gc along with two scrolls containing the Forget spell and Power Word spell. Luckily the archer and thug survived. 

Another really good game, while Mal was managing to cast spells, it was 5 in total his warband just fell to pieces while Serefina's seemed to be tearing through the archer and the thug. I really need to think more carefully how I use the thug and not allow the infantryman to carry treasure, its a waste.

Looking forward to the next game :-)

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