Friday, 5 August 2016

KOW: Herd Centaur Longmanes

I have been looking at how I can more effectively use my centaur models as Centaur Longmanes. I have 10 which is not quite enough for 2 units, 6 miniatures is the recognised minimum. My other problem is that they are converted from old beastmen models and bretonian horses with their heads removed. So if I want any more I have to get to work.

This is how the single unit used to look until recently.

All the bits I need to create the models.

All cut up and ready to go.

Double handed axe heads to make the whole units look consistent.

Starting the GS.

Axe heads glued on.

GS completed and the spears constructed from card and cocktail sticks,: shields are from my beastmen bits box. I burnt into the plastic horse bodies with a Pyrograph to get the torn look.

The Beastmen were not a problem, I have loads, but the horses were something else, Ebay came to the rescue. however £1.90 later I had 2 horses in my possesssion. I then found a couple of horses in a bag in the bottom of a box, in the last draw of a file cabinet marked "Beware the Leopard!"
Typical :-)

Now to get them painted and the bases finished.

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