Saturday, 20 August 2016

Mordheim Building Challenge Pt 4

Here are the 10 buildings I have been making for the WWarriors gaming club for Mordheim/Frostgrave. All the interiors are now complete and the upper floors on the 6 that have them are cut.

Still using a combination of photcopier boxes and card from cat food boxes, so materials bought is only the PVA glue from B&Q at £10 for 6 litres and I've only used about 200 ml so far, so not bad.

The first floor are still to be done and detailed.

Just to prove they are made from scrap card from my 6 cats food boxes, a close up of 2 of the interiors.

They look a bit like laser cut jobs made in MDF here, but they are not.

And I have actually completed the card work on about 4, so doing well.

Still plenty to do, the bases then 1st floor and then the PVAcrete over the exterior, then the painting, which will take forever.

I may try a new technique for undercoating in black, going to put my ususal black masonry paint into a pump spray bottle and see if it works, will let you know how it goes, or I my scout out some very cheap spray paints. Pretty sure Lukes APS has a video on that, will check it out.

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