Saturday, 18 March 2017

KOW: City Fighting Two

As I promised, as a follow on from the other day, here are some pictures of miniatures on the move in the city.

To be honest I think that I could have added in more buildings apart from the central square area. I have plenty of cottages so it should not be a problem. It may well be that I can add another 5 or 6 without it becoming too crowded.

Generally I like the way it looks and I think that playing on it should be fun. Will try to get a solo game in next and then I will try and get an opponent to agree to a game

I'll leave you with a ton of photos to give a feel of how it might play out. I moved the models from one board edge to the centre just to see if they clashed or caused movement problems. Seemed fine to me.

"Odd I expected this city to be defended!"

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