Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Saga: Vikings V Welsh

Got to play my first game of Saga last night and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Simple where it needed to be and full of character all over the place.

Ian and I played the scenario where the warlord has to be killed, but to be honest I was more interested in bashing stuff and getting used to the way the battleboard worked.

Not going to go into the details of the actual game too much, this is not a battle report.

Ian did a great job of leading us through our first game and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the strategy/process of deciding where I was going place the dice on the battleboard, when I got a choice.

In the end I managed to slay his Welsh warlord, a terrible betrayal on my part as I have very old Welsh ancestry :-(

Good use of Heimdall gave me extra dice in the combat between the Warlords, without it I would probably have lost. 

As you can see the army has moved forward quite a bit, spent a lot of yesterday painting.

So all in all this is a game that I will want to play again, just when could be a problem, as my next 2 weeks are all planned out. D&D next week, Necromunda the week after and unfortunately Ian is leaving the area to go live in Lancashire soon.... traitor :-)

Intend finishing painting the army and then find the 3 other lads that are playing at the club, the Vikings will get another outing soon I am sure.

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