Wednesday 12 August 2020

Frostgrave: Perilous Dark


I sent of for the above supplement for Frostgrave the other day and it arrived from Osprey within a week.
 It really appealed to me as its focus is on solo and co-operative play, very useful at the moment.
It has a duel approach to the whole solo ideal, yes it gives scenarios for the player to run through with all the game mechanics you need, but it also contains advice and methods for creating your own solo games. 
Not only that but it gives you the game ideas for use it a variety of settings and problems. From time limitation to traps and obstacles to Dungeon crawls.
It all works alongside the original Frostgrave rules and the scenarios give examples of how the solo games might be created, whilst being fun to play.
All in all sounds like stacks of fun to me and that's why I bought it, so another winner from Joseph A McCullough and Osprey Games
I will be posting some reports in the coming months, really looking forward to playing.


  1. And it’ll work with Frostgrave Second Edition too!

    1. Yup, will be completely compatible with Frostgrave Two, very true myincubliss :-)

  2. Good morning. Yes, it's a great book! It's sort of rules neutral in a sense as it applies a lot of scenario building mechanics that can be used in any game. I really like it in that regard.

    1. Yep BaldingNinja I can see how I might draw some ideas from it for D&D too. It has a nice straight forward style which keeps your interest and understanding. All of Mr McCullough's books do :-)