Thursday 6 August 2020

Tree Stumps...I have some

A quick update on the extra tree stumps that I started to make, last week was it?
Basically they are all painted and stained to look like the originals I made a while ago now. I also added tufts from the Geek Gaming range to give them a little fecundity, earthyness?

Looking at them now I can see that I really should have spent more time sculpting the roots so they came across as more "fantasy". If I make any more its what I will concentrate on.

Here they are all snuggled together with the pieces I make previously, they go together fine, look the same colour and are fine replacements.


  1. Looks great! Very useful for postapoc and WWI.

  2. Cheers Skully, they would be good for both your ideas, will probably crop up in D&D as much as anywhere :-)