Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Warpath: First Game

Played my first full game of Warpath Firefight down at WWarriors GC and very much enjoyed it.

Lee played GPCS
Luke played Marauders.
Steve played Forge Fathers.
I played Asterians.

Four of us played with 1250 pts each just to see how the game felt.

Close up of my half complete Spectra Escort Gunship.

Lee's GPCS Tanks and transport vehicles.

Steve's Forge Fathers.

Luke's Marauders closing in on Steve's Forge Fathers.

I lost all three of these units in end.

Overview of battlefield.

Felt like I had some idea of what was going on but have loads to learn yet. I enjoyed the game and so did everyone else.
So a good start :-)

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