Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Warpath: Spectra Escort Gunship

Since last week when I knew that I would be playing Warpath I have been working on converting the Eldar Grav tank I built for myself about 15 years ago. Its made from 6 mm MDF, card, sprue and some polyfilla to get the curves.

Hopefully when it is finished construction it will look quite differently from the original, but will have to see. May spend all this time only to look at it and say, "Oh its an old Falcon isn't it." But there you go.

I also think that I will be trying to use it in other games like 5 Parsecs, so may be getting some use there as well.

The way I approached building this craft is that the more detail I can add to the structure the more interesting it will look and the easier it will be to paint. 

Details built up with: cocktail sticks, matchsticks, skewers, lolly sticks.

You may notice that there are some small picecs of painted lolly stick to the left of the Escort Gunship, these are play pieces I'm making. The blue are shield markers and the red Tag markers.

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