Thursday, 21 September 2017

Frostgrave: Stone Golem

Looking through some of the scenarios from the Folio collection of Frostgrave articles, I quickly, with my rapier like mind, realized that I didn't have a Stone Golem.

I quickly made myself a 60 mm base from cat food box card and went from there.

So I decided I should have a go at making one of my own. Looking through my box of bits I found an appropriately sized miniature of lowly status, and thought how to give it a stony appearance.

For a while I considered GS and a lot of sculpting, but being a busy lad at the moment I decided to go for the simple solution to the problem you see before you.

Yep, I got a load of stones, covered the miniature in PVA and sprinkled.

Although I left the hands to give a little definition. I had already done the head and realized all detail would be obliterated- my only regret with this model is his/her faceless quality ;-)

Then I painted the whole thing black and dry brushed with various shades of grey and eventually white. Covered the whole model in stain, and then dry brushed white again to bring out the stone effect one last time.

The question is, what model did I use?

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