Monday, 4 September 2017

Quest: Monday is Market Day

This is one of those of those projects that have had on the back burner for ages. The basic construction of all this was completed before we moved to our new house over a year ago, but then its languished in a box waiting to be completed. I have several projects like this and sometimes it can be several years before they get completed.

The three basic stalls.

The larger veg boxes were bought from a craft stall in Skipton earlier this year, they are slightly larger but work OK when mixed in with the rest.

Fimo and beads were used to create all the bottles and packages etc. The pallets from coffee stirrers.

Put these in just to show how flexible the set is.

The whole build all laid out.

I have a group of medieval citizen miniatures from Ainsty Castings (Foundry models) all ready to be painted.

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