Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Frostgrave: Well of Dreams and the Complex Temple

Game 1: Well of Dreams

Had a fun afternoon over at Lee's yesterday playing Frostgrave. We played two scenarios from the basic rule book and it has to be said things did not go well for me.

The Well.

My gang all ready to go, currently in the process of painting them. Sorry for undercoated models :-(

Lee's gang of mainly Dwarf miniatures clumped together.

Five treasure tokens were put out, one next to the Well in the centre.

I manage to create an Imp, but Lee's Tracker shot it pretty quickly.

The main events were that Lee's wizard reached the Well and drank from it and managed to remove three treasures.

My gang didn't even make it to the Well but got away with two treasures.

My Tracker managed to pull off a bit of a coupe when he shot Lee's apprentice and sent him sprawling in the snow. He recovered later after the game.

Lee's Tracker was a pain throughout :-)

My x-bowman got mugged.

Glow was cast on my apprentice and then he was shot at relentlessly, which he managed to avoid for quite a while....

The rest of the gang crept off the board. Thug with treasure. Led by my wizard who had managed to fail so many spells that he had one wound left, so he had left the board first.

The apprentice finally fell to a crossbow bolt. The game came to an end. Despite the loss I managed to pick up the Boots of Speed a bit of cash , all of which I had to spend to hire another crossbowman.
Lee came out very nicely, some very good treasure rolls gave him plenty of cash and Grimoirs.  

Game: Complex Temple

We set up for another quick game. It started well for me as I managed to create a Potion of Healing which I gave to my wizard.

We deployed our forces. Both clumping them around the wizard and apprentice.

I tried to set up a cross fire situation with the wizard and apprentice, lap over Scattershot spells could do lots of damage.

If you cast the spell that is!

I got my tracker right up to the first pillar but failed to strike it, unfortunate.

Lee's Warband moved into the temple area in force, good tactics.

My Scattershots managed to wound just about every soldier in the temple, but not kill them!

Then my wizard was Pushed 9 inches to the rear of the board, not good.

Shooting and Scattershots rang out but did nothing and in fact, although hurt, Lee's warband managed to put my Tracker, Thug and Infantryman down.

The last few turns are lost in the mists of time as I forgot to take any shots.But it ended with both my apprentice and wizard killed, although they recovered in the campaign phase, but the Thug bit the dust.
However the end result for my Warband was that my wizard would miss the next game unless he could raise 100gc. So I had to make a difficult decision, I sold my Boots of Speed for 150gc and with the cash I could pay my doctors fees and buy two thugs with very little left over. 
There will be other Boots of Speed, I'm sure.

Cheers for reading :-)

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