Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Frostgrave: Terrain on an Industrial Scale Pt 2

Update on the Frostgrave Mega terrain bundle deal for Beers of War 3 evening conflagration.
(Not sure that sentence makes sense to be honest)

All the stone sections have been glued into place.

On the fallen wall sections I decided to use some larger 20 mm squares.

Next stage is to start filling the edges with PVAcrete to give texture and strength.

I also drew out the 30 mm strips I would be cutting from the hardboard I have for the bases.

All the bits cut and "stoned", so to speak.

The very slow process of edging in PVAcrete is next. I could use a glue gun, but I have never been that keen on the finish and its more costly and less strong, also I prefer the texture you get with the sand.

After the PVAcreting has been done I'll glue them to their bases. It is easier to add the stone shaped card bits and the PVAcrete, in the past I have stuck the walls to the base first, but after a moment or two I realized it was time for a change. Still gonna be a ball ache to complete them all.
Back in a day or two :-)

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