Sunday, 12 August 2018

D&D5e: Area Terrain/Cavern tiles/Rubble piles

I made these for a specific part of my campaign in D&D, no more info than that because players maybe paying attention :-)

The whole process in outlined below, the only reason I used cork was cos I had 2 sheets a bit torn up by my cats and thought they might work. 

I just tore them into the rough shapes I wanted.

This was the start of the problem gluing them together, I don't think I will ever use cork again I hate it.

Cork minced in the blender, cleaned thoroughly I might add.

Redbush tea from bags dried out, had a nice red hue.

Plain Tea form bags and dried out. The intention was to do no painting at all.

Sprayed with PVA and all the Tea added looked just the job, but refused to set despite numerous coats so in the end I blobbed thicker PVA on and then sprayed with some spray glue I got cheap.

I have to say that normally I would have done a hardboard base and some Modelling Compound to create height modulation and added stones and rubble, really wish I had as this did my head in, no painting.

Will post a further update to let you know how unhappy/happy I am with them.
Cheers for bearing with me.

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