Saturday, 4 August 2018

D&D5e: Yeti

These are a couple of Yeti from the Reaper Bones range and considering they are only three quid each I love these miniatures.

They featured in a recent game of D&D set up in the snowy mountains of my campaign world and they did just the job. Reaper bones are the go to range of models for cheap creatures and monsters.

Granted they don't have great bases, but its easy enough to make your own like I did.

I just used loads of washes after a black base then a white overbrush.

The bases are card with PVA and Bicarb mixed together and spread on, finally I added some green glass bits from the Range.

Now I'm thinking how can I use these monsters again or should I get more and create a unit of them for a Kings of War army? But which one?

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