Friday, 3 November 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Jungle Stands

While waiting patiently for my Ghost kickstarter stuff to arrive I decided to re-make some jungle stands to play around. The original pieces were made some 17 years ago when I ran a Warhammer Club at the school where I worked as a teacher. When it had to close I gave all the miniatures to kids that wanted them, but must have boxed up these jungle pieces and only uncovered them a while back.

With some re-modelling they would be fine for Ghost, so that's what I've done. The insipid original below and to the right above. Very simple.

The New York version, all bells and whistles, looks far more fun.

Basically I just added a lot more plastic plants a few stones, lichen, pan scubs and flock.

I have 27 of these stands, going to try to complete the first 15 then see how they go, I might use some of the others in a different way, put standing stones or sculptures on them.

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