Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Ruin WIP

I wanted to have a go at creating a more individual ruin piece for Ghost, than all the bits of sculpture I had managed to buy recently and the walls I have built over the past year or so for Frostgrave.

I used my usual ingredients, packing card and PVAcrete but this time no cereal card for the details. I decided to try and use the PVAcrete as the sculpting medium.

I built up the features around the face area with more packing card to help then started to work the PVAcrete onto the structure.

Then I worked the PVAcrete while it was wet, it has about 15 mins working like I recon.

I used a left over arch piece I found lying about from when I made all the Frostgrave terrain for the Beers of War event earlier this year, it seemed to fit in. I made a raised area in the centre with a layer of packing card, then added stones, gravel and finally sand. When it had all dried I coated it with watered down PVA to really secure the sand and grit in place.

On the inside I wanted to add lots of different features and again these were all made using PVAcrete. If you get the consistency right it works quite well rendering a rough stone finish. I will see when its painted.

To give a sense of scale this is my Warden. nearly completed herself (just her base to do).
She's a converted Mage Knight miniature I bought off Ebay with a load of other odds and ends a while back. Her face was a nightmare to paint.

After painting I will also be adding some shrubbery but sadly no path. So it fits in with the jungle bases I have been putting together recently.

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