Tuesday, 7 November 2017

KOW: New Wound Markers

Spent a little time recently creating some new wound markers for playing Kings of War. They are based on some ideas I gleaned from the web, some for Warhammer and others for KOW.

These use a combo of dice and beads to record wounds. The beads represent 6 wounds and the dice show whatever they currently turned to - obviously. Anyway I used them for the first time last night and they worked well, here are some pictures of the markers themselves.

Materials: BBQ skewer, cat food box card, PVAcrete, paint, PVA to seal.

So in the above picture:
 top left shows 14 wounds,
top right 19 wounds,
middle left 4 wounds and
bottom middle 11 wounds.

I may well be adding some bones to these at some time in the future to finish them off. Have a load of broken skeletons somewhere, just got to find them :-)

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