Monday, 27 November 2017

Warmaster: Battle at the Ford

Just outside Calcaria, Paetinus found himself tasked with securing a simple river crossing in order to restrict MacEalar and his Warband. Hold out till reinforcements arrives, that's all there is too it, his commander had said.

MacEalar ordered his force to observe the intentions of the Roman invaders.

Paetinus knew he had to hold the bridge at any cost.

Paetinus felt badly out numbered. But Roman superiority would out.

McEalar organised his command into 4 separate brigades.

Sending his quickest to take the poorly constructed bridge ahead of the Roman scum.

Unfortunately it was the only order MacEalar managed so it left his fast troops out in the open unsupported.

Paetinus took advantage of this and moved his entire force up to the bridge, sending the Auxiliaries into combat with the Parisi cavalry. Surprised by the sudden surge of the Auxiliaries a unit of the Parisi Cavalry were destroyed.

MacEalar pulled his Cavalry and Chariot out of the fray, let the Romans take the bridge, they would not be able to hold it long.

Paetinus consolidated his position pushing over the bridge. perhaps a little too far.

MacEalar saw his chance for a flank attack and ordered the Chariot and Cavalry unit in.

Moments later both units of Auxiliaries were lost. Paetinus was showing how green he was as a leader yet again.

Although MacEalar had lost the Chariot he managed to withdraw the Light Cav and position to offer support again later.

Paetinus moved 2 units of Legion into the river despite being advised not too  by an experienced Centurion.

After a bloody engagement with Parisii Warriors 1 unit of Legion were routed but Paetinus saw the chance of a flank attack and advanced the Legion from the bridge into the Warriors. 

However, with some incredibly unlucky dice rolls, the Legion failed to kill of the Warriors and the Warriors then went on to use their initiative to charge both Legion units and wipe them out. Paetinus stood mouth agape- one assumes.

This left just 2 units of Legion to protect the bridge and a long time to wait till reinforcements arrived.

MacEalar and the Parisii Britons shuffled themselves into a good position to pelt the Romans with stones and arrows.

Focused fire, did little damage but did drive the Legions backwards across the bridge.

Further and further, while the Warriors got themselves all revved up for a final attack.

Paetinus commands his Legion back onto the bridge, reminding them of their oath to the Emporer.

MacEalar charges with the Warriors.

(Sorry, very poor picture)

One unit of Legion were routed, they couldn't make a save all day.

Full of bluster and shouting loudly the Parisii Warriors followed up and charged the second Legion, they could not stand the furious charge and were slaughtered.

MacEalar proudly ordered his troops onto the bridge, the day was his. 

So far MacEalar has proved himself to be the better leader, Paetinus slunk away looking to regroup what was left of his meagre force.

Post Game

This one went rather badly for the Romans and our Legate does not seem to be using his troops to the best.

The Warriors kick out loads of attacks in the open and really the Romans advantage of having a save, really isn't helping them at the moment.

Shooting played a part in this game, if only to keep the Romans busy while the rest of the Parisi got into position. ready for the final thrust.

A thoroughly enjoyable game, even if it is solo, one more game at this points level (500) and then we will be moving onto 750 points.

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