Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Small Boats

The first small boat I bought from Ainsty Castings which is very nice and to be honest is very reasonably priced at £6.50 but you know what I'm like.

So I made my own as I needed another 3 at least,

Ainsty's and mine side by side, mine are slightly larger but with fewer seats. 

With 2 matchsticks under each seat I needed to add a small supporting piece for the seat to stable. 

I used cereal card for the boards in the bottom and planks on the side, cat food box card for the main structure lolly pop sticks for seats and the rest from matchsticks.

All three new versions completed, just about.

Rudders from matchsticks.

Sorry for poor pictures, but these show adding PVAcrete to the edges of the base and top of the boats, to finish the edges and to give strength.

So for a couple of hours work, saved £19.50, really it was the fun of seeing if I could construct the boats in the first place, The question is, do they need oars adding?

So all constructed and painting is the next step, will be posting in few days when all done.

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