Tuesday 17 June 2014

Beastman Debacle

Beastmen V's High Elves; 2000 point Battle 

This is a battle I played on the 12th and the pictures below show the deployment of the two armies. My opponent has only just got this High Elf force together, the first time he has used it. He never plays with unpainted models so this is rather odd for him.
So my army is as I posted on this Blog a while back.

The High Elves had: 
2 units of Seaguard x25
1 unit of Swordmasters x25
6 Reavers
2 Bolt throwers
Archmage Level 4
BSB in Swordmasters
Hero on Griffon

Initial Turns
The High Elves centre stayed pretty much where they were, the Hero on the Griffon and the Reavers moved further round the right flank infront of the tower and shot at the further Chariot, 3 wounds!

The entire unit of Harpies were destroyed in first magic phase. 
13 Gors fell to High Elf magic.
Minotaurs were targeted by shooting.

Miscast casting Wyssans on Minotaurs by Shaman killed another 9 Gors.
Shamen dies to High Elf magic.
Minotaurs wiped out by shooting. 

Bestigor and Chariots move up. Near Chariot shot for 3 wounds.

Later Turns

Both Chariot charge, one destroys Reavers. Other shot to bits by Seaguard.

Lone Doombull joins left over Gor.
Charged by Swordmasters.
Doombull and BSB kill 3 swordmasters.

Griffon destroys Chariot.

Swordmasters destroy Gor, Doombull and BSB run.

My characters gallantly running away!

Swordmasters charge Razorgor and destroy them.

Poor Bestigor failed panic from destroyed chariot and ran into pond.
Charged by Hero and Seaguard. 

Final image, whole army tabled bar the Doombull, but even he was running.

Well to be honest I had an incredible amount of bad luck and the High Elves had a modicum of good luck.
To lose my shaman in second turn, having killed half his own unit, wasn't good.
High Elf shooting was very effective.
I only actually made 2 charges in the whole game, both with chariots, one was shot in charge other did fine.
The Bestigor ended up in a mess because they failed panic check and summed up how I felt about game, I laughed throughout, it seemed to me I had no control.
What would I change? Well I need a level 4 Shaman to compete and not be tempted to throw 5 dice at a spell. The Razorgor and hounds are going. The Harpies need scout skill. 
Finally I need to keep my army very close to my general and review his equipment.

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