Friday 27 June 2014

Update 2

Yesterday I finished the 4 ghosts which was smashing, and works nicely for me because there is a very labour intensive period of work that needs to be done on the cottages. As regards the 3 cavern rooms, well I sanded them down and steamed them straight and that was all I got done.
Here is where we are at today:

I have sanded and steamed the bases straight, then attached the wall sections to the base. Cut small cardboard sections to create brick sections from cereal card and glued them on with PVA glue.

Cat damage by Tillie, who loves to nibble at cardboard!

The daemonettes have been undercoated, now comes the difficult bit, what colour? I'm not keen on pink.

The witch hunter has come on quite a bit, modeled chest and armour, attached both arms and added a few details. These bits are a mixture of High Elf and Dwarf bits.

The Pit Fighter, based on a celtic warrior from Warlord. Lots of balls at the moment.

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