Sunday 22 June 2014

Future Monsters

Last week I began looking at the level 5/6 monsters in the Quest roleplay book. I had been thinking that the group needed some greater challenges. So I thought I would make myself a list that I could work towards. This is a long term project and may take many months to complete, mainly because I am a skin flint and have very little cash. So most of these models I will be making from scratch, or converting from existing models I have. Now I am not doing this to show what a great sculptor I am, I am not, but they should be ok to play with and that's all that matters to me.

So here's the list and what I have achieved this week:
Da list:
4 Juggernauts with warrior riders
6 Deamonettes
3 Dragon Ogres
3 Beasts of Nurgle
6 Chaos Champions
3 Gorgons
1 Cockatrice
3 Giant Scorpions
4 Ghosts
5 Wights
10 Tomb Guards
3 Wraiths
10 Black Orc Champions

Yep, I am aware that they sort of have claws, but that's because I find hands very hard to do and I thought that perhaps they would be more menacing this way. I've used silver grey milliput for the first time. Its ok but not as good as green stuff, next models I'll do a mixture, basic in milliput and details in green stuff.

Will paint and photograph when I can.

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