Wednesday 4 June 2014

Forest Quest

This is a reworking of the Forest Tiles that I made back in January. Initially they were very plain, I didn't want to put too much detail on them so that I could add separate pieces to make them individual. However I recently looked at the work of Nychthemeron over on warseer, Warhammer Quest thread and it really inspired me to alter the tiles I had completed. 
So I've added card, flock, stones, static grass and bits of wood to create patterns in each section. My take on Forest Quest is that the forest is around the pathways that lead through it, so there are paths, winding paths, glades and objective clearings.
I've made a whole set of new Forest Cards detailing what the tiles look like, very similar to the original dungeon cards. I will post these tomorrow.

Pictures of the individual tiles. 

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