Monday 2 June 2014

Character Profile

Jazz the Barbarian Hound

Battle Level: 4              Atts: 3                                         Wounds: 23                                  Gold: 3322

Equipment: Fangs of Leaping Copper, Collar of Stone, Light Armour, Throwing Axe, Spear, Lifestealer Talisman, Flash Powder, Pelt of Deception, 4 casks of beer.

Potions: Healing Potion, Potion of Flight

Skills: Beserk, Sixth Sense, Run, Battle Rage            

Tactical Play and Background:
Jazz became a character when Serefina came across a pet dog in the city of Jaccio about a year ago and we decided that she should become a fully fledged character. We had just lost Ellessar an elf wardancer, so it seemed a good move.  Jazz is the baby of the group, although recently she is coming into her own. When she first joined, they were all 2/3 levels higher than her and more powerful. In the last few games she is beginning to emerge as a power in her own right.

With her Fangs of copper giving her an extra attack, the Collar of stone and Pelt of deception, she is good both offensively and defensively. When combined with Battlerage and Beserk, usually later in a game, Jazz can become a killing machine.
Sixth sense can be a fantastic tool, it enables the team to plan their approach before committing to the room. Her Run ability means she can sometimes pick her targets, best in large rooms where there is more space.

Above all Jazz is Serefina's personal body guard, they are inseparable. They have had several adventures alone without the rest of the group in full roleplay  games. I feel that the development of Jazz from a pet to full blown character helped to make our adventures more personalized as we invested more into our characters.

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