Friday, 12 February 2016

KOW: Dwarf Battle Drillers

Got completely sidetracked yesterday by the idea of creating 3 Dwarf Battle Drillers to be used instead of the Steel Behemoth, which I am not sold on completely. Also I have been looking for chaff units for the Dwarfs and the Drillers are a possibility.

 I took a GW Chaos Marine and removed its head and added the Dwarf one instead, then used shields as shoulder pads and added as many rune bits as I could find. I cut the arms and put them back on at a more shallow angle and mounted the whole thing on a 25 mm by 50 mm base. I also cut to pieces the horn from the dwarf boxed set and added different parts to the back and behind the head to give a more dwarven feel.

What I was looking for was the sort of robot feel you get with some of the Warmahordes type models, several are on the net. The only thing I didn't have were the drills, but they all sport plenty of spiky bits and at the moment I am happy as they are.

Painting should be straight forward as I intend them to be mostly metallic, again reflecting the robot theme. However there is some GS to be added to areas around the shoulders and the stomach. 

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