Saturday, 13 February 2016

KOW: Dwarfs V Ratkin

On Thursday night I got to play Mick at Kings of War and had a very enjoyable game. My Dwarfs took on the might that is... the Ratkin, 2000 points per side.
Mick has only played 3/4 times so far and still getting his head round the game. The most used phrase of the evening was, "I have no idea what I'm doing!" But non the less  he did a great job. 

I will not give a blow by blow account, just the main tactical points or moments of high drama.

The Dwarfs mistakenly line up behind their Bulwarkers thinking them strong in defence.

My newly constructed drillers hide behind the Ironguard.

Nice picture of Micks lovely painted Demonspawn.

The Brute move up menacingly on the left flank.

First shots from the organ guns did some wounds but not enough, 6 I think, on the warrior horde.

Lightning bolt removed 2 wounds from the Bulwarkers.

The Brock riders took out the Death Engine while the Dwarf Lord kept the Mutant Rat Fiend at bay.

The 2 Ratkin Hordes charge the Bulwarkers, not good.

A regiment of warriors comes to help the Mutant. 

An epic battle!

The brutes back up, Mick didn't want have to charge just one driller, as I had planned.

Not far enough away from the drillers, 2 charge into the Brutes and destroy them.

The unit of Berserkers and the Shieldbreakers take on the warriors. The organ guns manage to inflict enough damage to rout the warrior horde on the left flank. Very useful.

The Brocks take out the Mutant Rat Fiend.

The Ratkin Shock troops eye up the rangers. 

Take the rangers out and have the first organ gun in their sites.

The Demonspawn didn't really get into the game, thankfully :-)

The warriors in the centre are routed but the Berserkers are really badly off. 

The organ gun routs. The Berserkers rout due to lightning bolts, Mick said the magic phase is broken :-) but concedes the game as it was late.


What did I learn from this game?
Organ guns with a warsmith can be very effective.
That there maybe a future in playing with 3 drillers as they can be used as chaff or can combine their attacks very effectively. Three attacking at once kick out 18 + 3D6 crushing strength 1 attacks.
What am I using the Ironguard for? I'm not sure.

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