Sunday, 7 February 2016

KOW: Herd/Ogres V Undead/Empire of Dust. 8000 pt Game

A while back now 4 of us got together and played a 4000 pt aside game. Something we could never countenance when playing Warhammer, but with KOW anything is possible.

Lee and I took on Luke and Steve in a huge battle that was completed in only 3 hours!

The Herd and the Ogres took up a central position in order to make the Undead have to travel a long way to reach the action.

We hoped it would allow us time to take out half the army before the rest reached us.

Lee and I did make one mistake which was rather pivotal: namely that Herd Shamen were not really allowed to heal Ogre troops. The fact I did heal them had a huge effect on the game. Sorry Steve and Luke.

A massive charge in the centre brought the left hand side close to some sort of conclusion.

While the right flank was kept at arms length.


It was decided that the Herd/Ogre alliance were the victors, but since I had healed the Ogres on numerous occasions, perhaps a draw would have been more appropriate.
I think what it did show us all was that massive games can be played with KOW and they can be finished without frying the brains of those playing participating. Which is nice :-)
We had a great game, much fun was had by all.

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