Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mordheim: Board Designs

Have been visiting my parents for last 3 days and so had some modelling down time, but took my sketch book with me and did some drawings of how I might arrange the board I'm making for the clubs Mordheim set up.

I intend doing one side dark with a sand base predominantly grey, as per the buildings and the other I hope to use caulk and make it a bit more appropriate for Frostgrave, so we have options.

This last page is me experimenting with ideas I had or had seen on other gaming boards, for small tiles to give the boards some 3D features, but not enough to make putting other terrain on top difficult. These will all be made from card.

I intend sealing the 4' by 2' chip board sheets with watered down PVA glue before I start building on them. I hope this will help everything stick that little bit better.

I have the boards already out in the garage, but the card features will take longer to made as I'm using some old recycled card from a large child's jigsaw puzzle that was being thrown out at work, it will be where the bulk of my time will be spent. It's good to recycle but it does add time to the project. But then it is free, so can't complain. Will post more as soon as the process really begins. Meanwhile back to the buildings. 

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