Sunday, 24 April 2016

Castle Steps

I have for quite a while now been wanting to create some castle steps, for use in Frostgrave/Mordheim and when I use the castle in general.

So I made 2 slightly different sets of steps.

One alternates and ....

....the other is pretty much straight.

Added a few lolly sticks to this one, not really sure why, may do another with buttresses at these points.

They can be placed together I suppose, I did this just for a bit of fun really, doubt if they will be used like this.

This is how I intend using them.

And this is how they were made.

Poly blocks stacked and glued together, each 1 cm smaller than the last.

Covered in PVAcrete and mounted on a hardboard base.

I think a couple of spiral ones would look good too.

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