Thursday, 7 April 2016


Most of the time I know pretty much what I am on with when it comes to all things miniature. Unless something throws me a curve ball and sends me off at a tangent. Now I don't mind that at all its all part of the way I work on projects and I like that aspect of the hobby. 

Sometimes though what gets to me is the fact that I have loads of different games many of which I never get to play, or only occasionally. For example, I started this Blog some while back now because of my love for Warhammer Quest. It has been a game me and Serefina have played hundreds of times and never grown bored of. But recently we have not played at all.

 I have very recently found myself playing Frostgrave, and really enjoyed it, but at the same time found myself very disappointed that my initial enthusiasm for Mordheim seems to have come to nothing. That happens a lot with games I have played in the past. For a long while I really enjoyed playing Five Parsecs from Home, a smashing game, but somehow I don't seem to have the time any more.

Now I am sure that really that's what happens to all sorts of things in life, I mean I used to cycle 30 miles just about everyday for 20 years, but I definitely don't do that any more. But that is something I always think I will get back to one day.

 I get a real sense of loss when I feel that I don't get a chance to play games that I have really loved and have very fond memories of.  And I actually get a sense of loss and feel a little bit guilty that I haven't committed more to them. Perhaps this says more about my state of mind than anything else.

Perhaps this is what this ramble is more about than anything else, getting my guilty feelings out in the open. 
Conversely, and to end this piece of personal diatribe, I have absolutely no problem ending my relationship with Games Workshop, despite creating some of my most treasured games, they managed to completely disassociate themselves from me. Now that takes some doing.

Next post I will be back to making stuff and being far less retrospect.


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