Saturday, 16 April 2016

KOW: Herd Chariot Regiment

Some while ago I made a horde of herd chariots but found that it was too large and unwieldy to use in games really. So I decided to split the horde into 2 regiments. The first was easy enough to do but the second required a new chariot. Having routed about in various boxes I finally came up with the bits I needed to create one.

At least I can play with them if the need arises, although the base is a little thick!

The creature pulling the new chariot was once a chaos hound with half a quest minotaur stuck to his back. The hound next to them was scratch built and doesn't bare closer inspection.

This chariot is scratch built from card.

I had to do lots of fiddling with bases and getting the new chariot to stay on the thing, but in the end it worked. It just doesn't look too pretty.

Just to remind you what they looked like after the first round of alterations.

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