Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Firefly the Game

Played Firefly the Game yesterday and had a great time. Took a bit of a while to play with 3 players but was a hoot. I loved the game mechanic for moving about the "Verse", it seemed to me it would be a great way of linking games of Five Parsecs and creating a sub-sector of planets that the PCs could travel between and complete missions. 

Each player had their own ship and each could be customized,  different engines could be bought
or extra cargo etc.

The playing area was great and really caught the feel of Firefly. If something could go wrong with a deal then it probably would :-)

I spent my game doing all sorts of illegal activities in an attempt to make a quick buck and win the game, I narrowly missed out, but was great fun trying. 
I have already drawn out my own version of a sub-sector map, just some wash and names to add.

There is a set mission for each game, we played the basic starter mission and 2 of us came very close to succeeding, I came second but thoroughly enjoyed the game.

So if you're a fan of Firefly or just zipping about a universe completing missions, legally or illegally, up to you, and delivering goods then this is the game for you. I loved it.

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