Sunday, 6 August 2017

Frostgrave: Completed Archway and Rubble

Last week I posted some pictures of the built but unfinished terrain piece that was an archway. Following on from my apparent need to create aquarium standard terrain pieces, I intend creating a giant clam with a diver swimming in and out of it later in the year..... no I don't.
So all complete and the second already started I thought I would post the first with the 2 rubble pieces.

Added a few Reaper Bones characters we use for our Frostgrave games.

Details of the rubble. 

Basically painted with a base of a cheap version of Fang grey, overbrushed with ghost grey and topped with white. I picked out the wood pieces in brown and highlighted them too. I then washed it all over and then went back with the white to re-emphasize the details. 
All the paints I use are basic emulsions with water and washing up liquid added to aid flow. Mainly bought from the Range and B&Q.

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