Thursday, 17 August 2017

MUMG Solo: Saving Sabretooth

Only a day after his capture by Cap, Sabretooth is languishing in a temporary cell at Stark Industries. Black Panther has been left to make sure Sabretooth is safe.

In my imagination there is lots of growling and prowling. Especially since he doesn't even seem to have toilet facilities.... oh Tony!

Little does Black Panther know, about to break into the facility are Pyro and Toad, tasked with freeing Sabretooth.

Panther started the game in a random location with random movement.

No, he's not playing air hockey, but monitoring the surveillance equipment, which seems to be malfunctioning.

Who could cause that to happen? But that's for another episode.

As luck would have it Panther prowled off in the right direction.

Toad moved at incredible speed and crossed most of the board, some 18" in just 2 move actions which he can do since he is Agile.

Pyro simply moved into the building and took up an advantageous position.

In the next turn Toad reached the computer station and attempted to find Sabretooth on the system. He had 4 chances to pass a Willpower test but failed them all!

Black Panther continued forward on his patrol.

Toad moves toward another station, I like his thinking, "Perhaps this one will work better?"

And it does, but at this point Panther recieves a message from Jarvis informing him that an intruder is in the building.

Pyro takes up a good firing position and Toad bounces across the power room.

As Panther moved to the edge of the new corridor he caught sight of Pyro and pounced on him.

Striking savagely at the evil mutant, who was obviously Jarvis' intruder, Panther must have been flustered and narrowly missed wounding Pyro. 

In his turn Pyro moved back to make his Pyroblast more effective and did 2 damage to Panther. While to Panther's right, Toad spat at him and did another 2 wounds.

Winning initiative, Toad spat nervously at Panther and missed but managed 1 damage from his tongue lash attack. Pyro missed his pyroblast attack, but Panther was already going to have to check his stamina at the end of the turn anyway has he had 5 damage!

Panther decided to engage Toad in combat thinking him the easier of the two targets. And I was surprised to discover that Toad is really resistant to physical damage, who would have thought! But he did manage to inflict 2 damage on Toad.

He then promptly failed his stamina check and slipped into unconciousness. That was a surprise!

Leaving Pyro to cover his back, Toad rushed off to find and release Sabretooth before Black Panther managed to come round.

But he needn't have worried as Panther fialed his stamina test again!

Toad released Sabretooth, he needed to get under 6 on two 8 sided die and threw 3.
 Panther remained on the deck.

While Panther manges to struggle to his feet...

Toad and Sabretooth rush down the ramp....

                                       Jarvis' call to Iron Man had been answered and....

It didn't look as if Iron Man could do very much to stop the trio from escaping to be honest but he had a good go. He immediately uses his Micro missles on Toad but missed.

Panther however failed another stamina check and went down again.

Toad left the building, he had done his bit for the brotherhood. 

As Sabretooth ran for the exit, Pyro tried to cover him, but failed to to damaged Iron Man. Tony in response kept his attention on Sabretooth and did 5 damage on him with a Unibeam attack.
This was pretty much repeated in the last turn, Iron Man doing another 4 damage on Sabretooth but failing to slow him, and Pyro did 3 damage to Iron Man. 
Panther managed to stagger to his feet!

Just before his escape, Sabretooth had to make a stamina check.... and passed on a 9.

Toad, Pyro and Sabretooth slipped into the night and seemed to disappear completely, perhaps they did have some other help after all.

Not sure where to take this next or who will be involved, but did enjoy playing the game, perhaps the Botherhood will be hunted down by some of the other Avengers on their way back to their base.

Thought I would include some pictures of the cards that help play the game.

Red beads record damage

Green or blue for the power each hero can use each turn.

Iron Man was the first non Knight model I bought, since then I have converted loads of Heroclix miniatures and they seem to work fine.

Hope you enjoyed the game, I will play the next in the coming month.

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