Saturday, 19 August 2017

KOW: Dwarf Throwing Hatchlings

Saw these delightful little dinosaurs and their eggs at a garden centre of all places and tried to think what I could use them for. Especially since they are 25p each.
Decided that they would make my version of the throwing Mastiff for my Dwarf army, So these are the first 3 of 8 I will be making, Made the bases from card with PVAcrete to strengthen. 

Here they are with a regiment of Ironguard. The Hatchlings have a 12" range 5 attacks and hit on 4+, any successful wounds explode and carry on until there are no more wounds caused. They are a one off attack so not brilliant but for 10 points can help to injure poorly armoured enemy troops.

These need some stain/devlin mud type stuff to finish them off.

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