Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Five Parsecs From Home: Mapping a Solar system

As an off shoot of the card tiles I found the other day, see a couple of posts back, I've used them to make map of a solar system to plot movement in Five Parsecs.

I will make labels for the different planet names and go from there really.

The colours shown here seem muted to me unfortunately, in reality they are vibrant blue purple and they work OK together. Perhaps I need to take some pictures in my light box.

Seven planets made and one sun. These will link in with the planet sheets I made a few months back and is all part of the idea of creating a more detailed background to play in.

Next I will make the labels and some very small space craft.

Its also made me think I may play Five Parsecs in 10 mm again as its something I've not done in a while.

Eight tiles made so far and I might make more, but not entirely sure, perhaps some special feature tiles, like a space station or asteroid belt, am open to suggestions.

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