Monday, 2 October 2017

KOW: Orc Horde 2000 pts (A Work in Progress)

The very first army I played with when I began playing Warhammer, heavens knows how many years it was now, about 27 I believe, was Orcs and I have always loved these savage, chaotic creatures since I read about them in Lord of the Rings as an 11 year old.

So it was an army I have kept putting off pulling together for Kings of War, since the first edition of KOW. I knew there would be some areas that would require alterations and additions to make it work, but at least I would not have to paint great swaithes of greenskins.

Great Axe horde.

Home made giant.

Giant with first Wizard for sense of scale.

Second Giant, needs further work, both modelling and painting.

Axe horde.

I put these on smaller troop bases so they can be used in different ways and so they are easier to store.

Flagger and Wizard.

Krudger on Slasher, which needs a lot of work. Toy rhino with a Reaper Gnoll on its back with a GW head attached with GS, long way off :-)

War Drum, needs further work, obviously.

Finished Gore riders, well one is anyway another 2 need work.

The complete Army.

I really need to sort out some sort of backdrop to take pictures against, all the bits of radiators and dog baskets really cheese me off. Will try to have a solution by the time these guys are all ready to be played with.

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