Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Saga: Ancient Greeks

I have not posted much about how my Ancient Greek Saga force is coming together, but it has been growing nicely over the last month and hopefully on Thursday I will be playing a 4 pt game against Mick.

Here are the units I have put together so far, a total of 6 points to date. They are mainly Foundry models from 15 years ago, but some are Black Tree and Vendel ( although not in any of these shots).

The whole 6 points.

Warlord- Strategoi


Warriors - Hoplitai, 3 units of 8

Finally the Levy - Psiloi, sporting javelins

The whole army again.

What might I do next? Well I think some nobles on horse might be nice and some more warriors is a must, but not till I am playing 6 pts regularly.

Struggled with the light and focus when doing these, phone kept focusing on the second rank?

Obviously am looking forward to new Saga coming out in new year which looks like Greeks will be a part of :-)

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