Saturday, 28 October 2017

Terrain: "Real" Stone Walls

Recently I have been having a go at forming real stone into stone walls to play with so I thought I would show you where I am presently. 

These stones are from a small container of stones I had from the Range, but when they are all gone I will be going to a garden centre and buying it in bulk.

This is how I made them.

Got some Lego off Ebay and created the wall molds.

Then I filled one mold with stones to see how many I would need to make the wall. Tipped them out into a container and added a very small amount of PVA and mixed them up. You want to have the stones all coated but not dripping, or they will take a week to set.

I had mine sat on a plastic cutting mat Mrs Daxio didn't want, plastic will allow the glue to be separated easily - so important.

Then add to mold press down with an implement then leave to set for as long as you can, at least a day possibly 2 to be sure. Be patient, on all 3 I have made so far I started fiddling too soon and had to do remedial work, take my advice leave well alone.

Then remove the Lego slowly and carefully

And you get a wall.

I then mounted mine on hardboard and used PVAcrete around the base for added strength. See the first few pictures.

I will be adding small stones/rubble to the base in future but I am going to try not to paint it at all: will see how that goes.

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