Monday, 16 October 2017

Frostgrave: Multi Part Gaming Mat

Quite a while ago now I bought some cork place mats from Ikea, I had seen DM Scotty use them to create dungeon floors that he could use in his games of D&D. I bought 2 packs for £7.00 I needed 6 place mats to create a roughly 3' by 3' playing area.

 I took the idea and wanted to see if I could produce a six part gaming mat, mainly for use with Frostgrave. With it being in separate parts it can be repositioned and create different effects. This side is going to to be a more dark stoney feel while the reverse will be snowier and whiter.

These two are the least completed.

This is with some terrain on, in fact its the boards I got together for the Beers of War evening gaming session the other week,

The beauty of these mats is that they give loads of variation and I intend doing the reverse side with different designs.

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