Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Booty ahoy Cap'n

Really pleased to have received my Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter order from North Star Military Figures, cheers. Looking forward to having a good read of the rules in the next couple of days.

Always love cards, look forward to playing with these.

Interesting bit of literature to read, always good for creating feel and background.

This time I decided to go for the Crewmen box of figures to give my crew a proper "sailor" type feel and in order to support North Star and Osprey. When Frostgrave came out I used models I already had really. 

Always fun to do Nickstarters as they often get you little extra bits to make the game that bit more fun.

So I will be reading the rules and then hopefully getting a game in as soon as I can create a crew and locate an opponent.

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