Thursday, 1 February 2018

D&D: The Isle of Cal

As part of my growing enthusiasm for D&D 5e I have been drawing some maps, primarily for myself, but also for the players to use to help them navigate the world.

I have scanned the original drawing, obviously, with the idea of printing off another copy on which I can add notes too. Haven't done much drawing for a while and since I fell over yesterday walking the dogs and have a fat ankle now, there may well be more in the pipeline!

Originally the location was based on the island of Corsica, but has gone through several incarnations and now has little semblance to the place that inspired me.

Image result for AJaccio corsica

But its easy to see why. I have a book all about the place that I was given when my Grandfather died some 20 years ago. The rugged mountainous landscape and the history of the place excited me.
Anyway you will see more of this material in the coming weeks.

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